Tuesday, June 28, 2016

May Trip P7 - Tour through Capital Reef and Overnight at Hite Campground

After leaving Mystic Hot Springs, we headed to Denny's in Salina, Utah and had a great breakfast. We then drove to and through Capital Reef National Park. It's a pretty cool drive. There was an impressive lightning show when we arrived at Capital Reef so we only drove through.

We drove south from Capital Reef and ended up at Hite Overlook and decided to stay overnight at Hite Marina Campground in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. The overlook area was spectacular.

Lake Powell is very low so there wasn't much lake left. There is the Colorado river flowing by but it was nearly impossible to hike down to it from the Hite Marina Campground.

Our camp spot location: 37.873085, -110.395425

Without the lake, Hite is extremely quiet. We had a great time there with much solitude. We saw maybe four other campers the whole time we were there.  There is a little store just up the road where you can get expensive gas and some ice and other essential camping and boating supplies. But no one is buying boating supplies these days.

There is a fee to camp of about $14 a night (plus a National Park pass). This is without the senior discount.

Headed to Capital Reef National Park.

It was raining so we didn't stop to hike. But it was beautiful all the same.

Spectacular views.

We always enjoy Capital Reef National Park.
Greg and the view from Hite Overlook.

The view at Hite Overlook.

Karen and the view at Hite Overlook.

Going over the Colorado River.

Our picnic table at Hite Marina Campground.

Our camp spot at Hite Campground.

The view from our camp spot.

It's a pretty big risk to launch here these days. There is no lake anymore.
Will it ever return?

The views were amazing.

Our spot. Beautiful solitude

The bathroom with scooby-doo rock behind.

Scooby-Doo !!!!!

Sunset approaches.

Breakfast time.

The Monkeys with our solar lights.

Monkeys with our Renology solar panel.

A very lonely buoy.

Hite is a place you want to avoid in the hot summer months, but otherwise it's a really pleasant place with amazing views in every direction.

If your looking for peace and quiet, this is definitely the place. Don't tell anyone! We really enjoyed out stay and will certainly return!


  1. Twenty years ago we passed thru here and stopped for lunch. That was when there was still a lake/water. So sad to see the lake so low. I know how you feel about sometimes not wanting to share these fabulous overnight places. Mums the word LOL! Keep the adventure coming :-)

  2. Are ya'll okay?
    Haven't seen a new post for over 2+ months!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. We are great. Working on a post about our summer adventures. We've been playing with Facebook and Instagram and neglecting the blog. Bad bloggers! Will be posting in a few days. Thank you for checking on us! Much appreciated.

  5. Instagram = karensockmonkeytrekkers
    Facebook = karen trekker


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