Tuesday, June 21, 2016

May Trip P5 - Bryce Canyon

After Lone Rock, we drove to Bryce Canyon National Park. We arrived about 2:30 p.m. and were lucky enough to snag on of the last remaining campsites in the park.

Our plans were to explore the rim that evening and then hike down into the canyon the next day. We started our hike from Bryce Point, through Peek-a-Boo and up Wall Street, then back to our campground. I should mention that the caught the bus from our campground to get to our starting point of Bryce Point. We were thrilled to get to see Wall Street as it was closed the last time we hiked at Bryce. It was a wonderful hike. Toward the end of the hike, it started spritzing snow, so we stopped at the Lodge and sat for awhile in the lobby by the fire. Perfect end to a great hike.

Bryce is amazing.

In Humphrey, our camping van. It got pretty cold at night at this altitude.

In the lodge at Bryce Canyon warming up after our hike.

Great views.

Greg and Karen enjoying the view from Sunset Point.

Just WOW.

Beginning our hike into Bryce Canyon from Bryce Point

At one of the tunnels.

The tunnel.


Amazing hike.

We started at the high point to the top left.

Karen found a cave.

Karen heading back up via the switchbacks at the end of Wall Street.

The path up.

It's a tiring, slog back out via the switchbacks.
Karen put together a collage of pictures from our trip and includes pictures from trips with her parents to the same parks when she was a toddler. Camping, exploring and travel have been in our blood since we were both kiddos. Our first trip together was tent camping in Yosemite. We never tire of seeing our wonderful national and state parks - especially Bryce!
Now and then (old photos are Karen and her parents)
Next: After Bryce we went to several hot springs

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  1. Great photos! Looks like you guys had a wonderful hike and chillaxing at the Lodge. Can't wait to get there again!


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