Thursday, June 23, 2016

May Trip P6 - Mystic Hot Springs and Meadow Hot Springs - Utah

After Bryce, we headed North to some hot springs (we love hot springs). Our first hot springs was Meadow which is near Meadow, Utah out in a farmer's cow pasture. The farmer allows people to visit the hot springs freely. It was pretty darn cool. There are four hot or warm pools on the property but the main one is very deep (25 feet) with an underwater cave. There are no facilities and you literally will be among a herd of cows.

The location of this springs is: 38.864504, -112.503508

The first one we saw at Meadow Hot Springs is a warm pool with a dock.

This second pool is a figure 8 shaped pool full of little tropical looking fish. It's shallow and a lot of flies.

This third pool is the best. It has a cave that goes down about 25 feet. You sit on the rope over the deep cave.

There were two Utah families here on a picnic and soaking.

Greg ready to dive.

Dive! Dive! 
It is a good idea to bring goggles to this hot spring. The rope that is over the deep entrance to the cave has a second rope that you can hang on to for safety and orientation purposes. There are stories of some near death experiences from people going to far into the cave or hitting their heads on the way back up. This is very unlikely if you hang on to the rope and go carefully. This is a GREAT spot. The water in the third pool was the perfect temperature and we had a lot of fun.

Coming up for air.

Karen soaking on the rope.
After enjoying Meadow hot springs, we headed next to Mystic Hot Springs. Mystic is a commercial hot springs in Monroe, Utah.

A short hike Northeast from Mystic is a newer hot springs area called Red Hill Hot Springs. A nice guy has fixed it up for soaks while he uses some of the hot water for his hot house. He offers it's use free to the public as long a people don't abuse it.

Red Hill Hot Springs.

Looking down at the pools at Red Hill Hot Springs.

Karen's feet in pond at Red Hill Hot Springs.

Greg at Red Hill Hot Springs.

The sign at Red Hill Hot Springs.

The parking area at Red Hill Hot Springs.

After our hike to Red Hill Hot Springs, we went back and setup our van camping area at the pleasant Mystic Hot Springs camping area.

As it got cooler, later in the evening we headed for a soak in the Mystic Hot Springs largest pool.

Some of the soaking tubs at Mystic Hot Springs.

There is some junk on the property.

You can rent an old hippy bus for the night if you want.

It looked like Mystic is moving old cabins on to their property.

The owner of Mystic is an old Grateful Deadhead.

One of the buses at Mystic.

Welcome sign.

Karen standing in front of our favorite pool with a perfect temperature.
The one to the left is very hot.

A tub that is getting slowly absorbed.

Our van overnight spot at Mystic Hot Springs. The camping area is very pleasant with grass and trees.
Meadow, Mystic and Red Hill Hot Springs are clothing mandatory hot springs. Mystic charges a fee to camp and to soak. Mystic has showers and bathrooms. We enjoyed out time here.

The next day we were off for a tour through Capital Reef National Park and then to Hite Recreation Area on what is left of Lake Powell.

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