Saturday, June 18, 2016

May Trip P3 - Lone Rock on Lake Powell - Utah

After the Overland Expo, we headed to Lake Powell.  There is a "Lone Rock" boondocking section of Lake Powell not far from Page, AZ where you can boondock on a beautiful sandy beach area for about $14 a night. It's a great spot. We stopped at the Walmart in Page to restock before hitting Lone Rock Beach.

There were a lot of other RVs on the beach during our stay. We caught an incredible full moon rise coming up over the lake. This was a really relaxing spot. It probably would be a little too hot in the middle of summer, but late May was wonderful.

Lone Rock to the left.

Enjoying our portable campfire and the moon rise.

Houseboat Hotel
We spotted this houseboat that never left the beach. Apparently they we using the houseboat as a hotel in addition to their travel trailers.

Enjoying the beach while recharging our battery with our portable solar panel.

The Monkeys liked this place!

The incredible full-moon rise.

Karen reading on the beach.

A model and gaggle of photographers suddenly show up.

Photographers trying to get the perfect shot.
In the middle of the day about five vans pulled up right next to our spot and out jumped a bunch of photographers and a couple of young models. They surrounded our camp.

It was entertaining to watch the models and photographers flitting about trying to get some great shots with Lone Rock. At one point one of the models swam in her drip dry fancy dress through a small cove and over to where she could climb out on a point for the perfect shot for the photographers with Lone Rock behind her. She was earning her money that day.

We had a great stay at Lone Rock. There are unique portable flush bathrooms interspersed along the beach. There is also a large bathroom with trash containers further away from the beach. There are no other facilities so bring everything you need including a lot of water.

We shall return!


  1. Great full moon rise shot!

    1. Thank you! I loved your Strawberry moon shot. Fantastic!

    2. Thank you! I loved your Strawberry moon shot. Fantastic!

  2. Never heard of lone rock, thanks for the tip. Love you full moon pictures and Karen reading. Hope to see you in the fall.

    1. You would like Lone Rock ... but don't go when it is really hot!!!!!


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