Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Trekkers Launch Campsite Review Map

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to tie unbiased RV camping reviews to specific sites on a map.  That is what we thought and decided to create it.  We wanted a way to look at a specific area or places along a route that would be good for a nice camping stay.  We are particularly interested in free boondocking sites.  This map points out spots that RV bloggers have described.  They usually describe how to get there with descriptions/photos of the site and area.  Many reviews describe activities to be had in the surrounding area.  Sometimes the points on the map only point to a general area and you may need to do more investigating to find the RV site.

This map identifies many"boondocking" type sites that are free or low cost.  Many sites require "dry camping," but many non-boondocking sites are also included. There are lots of great site reviews done by bloggers.  We concentrated mainly on western USA sites in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. We are using Google Fusion Tables to generate the map.

Fusion tables can be a little flaky at times, so be patient.  You might have to zoom in and out to find what you are looking for in a particular area of the map.  Locations are approximate.  Costs to camp are sometimes guesses, as details were not readily available for all sites - call the site manager for details. Some sites offer many rates for different type sites, such as RV electric sites or monthly rates, for example. Check the reference link for more details.

How to use this map:
Green dots are free locations. Purple/Blue dots are low cost ($16 or under per night). Red/Pink are over $16. Click on a dot and you will see reviews of the site/area.  If you are interested in the area, make sure to explore more posts from these bloggers.  Many times there are multiple posts about an area in each blog.  People tend to stay in an area for a few days and thus write multiple posts. We link to the posts that are the best representations for a site and area. Note that site/area information may have changed from the time of the original posts. Call the area manager to verify specific information.

If you know of a good review of a spot you love that is not on the map, please comment with a link to the review and we will likely add it after we review it.

Click Here to view the map.

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  1. Looks like you put a lot of work into this. Thanks!


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