Monday, March 6, 2017

NM to San Diego Trip - Part 1 (Faywood Hot Springs)

It was time for a trip to a warmer climate.  It's cold at our home base of Los Alamos in late February. We decided we would head south for a soak at Faywood Hot Springs, drive west of Phoenix to funky El Dorado Hot Springs, drive up to Lake Havasu to watch some really great fireworks and some desert boondocking, head to Anza-Borrego for some great boondocking, then off to Claremont,CA (near Los Angeles) to visit with family and help move some furniture, drive to San Diego to stay at a great lake side campground, visit Balboa Park in San Diego, head back east to boondock in a casino parking lot near Yuma, AZ, drive back to Faywood Hot Springs for another round of soaking and finally back to the frozen north of Los Alamos.

Our first stop was for our favorite road meal at Sweet Tomatoes in Albuquerque. Now that is a Salad!!!!!

The entrance to Faywood Hot Springs
The new Visitor's Center check in.
The new Faywood Office
The new Faywood Store and Museum area.

The Camping Area with electric and water hookups. 

Soak Pool Area Art Work.

The campground hot soaks.  Far side HOT, middle COOL, closest JUST RIGHT!!!!! There is a shower and bathrooms adjacent.

There are a ton of cute and hungry cats on the property (peacocks too, but we didn't see them this visit).

One of the clothing required pools.

One of the Private "Watsu" Pools (extra fee).

One of the soaks near the clothing optional campsites. It was cleaning morning. The water is normally very clear.
Which one is Greg?
We really enjoy visiting Faywood to camp and soak. Our favorite thing is to go out late at night when everyone else has gone to bed and soak and view the stars, hoping to see meteorites streak by.  We have a contest to determine who sees the most meteorites. We're learning about the constellations. We know about six or seven of them now.

We've visited Faywood quite a few times. We like to go there to warm up during winter months. Faywood maintains a rustic charm and prices that are lower then a lot of other hot springs places we have visited that have been yuppified in recent years.

The amazing City of Rocks State Park is just a few miles north and well worth a visit for a cool hike.

You can read about our previous Faywood visits:

Next up: Headed to El Dorado Hot Springs, West of Phoenix.

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