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New Mexico: Faywood Hot Springs, Silver City

(By Greg- Mid April 2015) We decided to take a mini-vacation for a long weekend down to Southwestern New Mexico for some warmer weather, hot springs soaking and Indian cliff house exploring. We had a great trip!

Leaving from Los Alamos, we first drove to Truth or Consequences for some gas and tasty food at the A&B drive-in in TorC.  They have an amazing variety of food for an old A&W drive-in.

Next, it was on to Faywood Hot Springs for overnight van camping and a relaxing soak. Faywood is just north of Deming, NM.

This is a 360 photosphere view that you can move around.

Views: Feywood Hot Springs pools by Greg Kendall

The above photo is the southern "clothing optional" pool area.  (There are also some "clothing required" pools just east of these.)  The view of the night-sky from these pools is really fantastic. We saw an awesome display of shooting stars during our late night soak.

This is a 360 photosphere view that you can move around.

Views: Feywood Hot Springs campground pools by Greg Kendall

The above photo is of the full-hookup campground pools.  It's a great place to soak and then head into our nearby electric blanket heated bed in our van.

This is a 360 photosphere view that you can move around.

Views: Feywood Hot Springs source dome by Greg Kendall

Above are the source-water storage tanks on top of a mound in the middle of the Faywood Springs property.  There is a dimly lit walk around the top of this mound that is fun to stroll around at night and view the stars and distant lights.

I suggest that Faywood get some artists in to paint these tanks with each a different theme such as maybe Aliens/UFOs or Constellations or who knows, but they need some paint!  They could be a draw, rather then just dull water tanks.

Above is the full-hookup and tent camping area.  There is a common building with a sink/microwave and a couple big bathrooms.  It has a nice toasty fireplace. You can see a big outdoor fire pit.  Our van is near the hot spring pools building that has a bathroom and two shower rooms. There are also cabins to rent.

We've been to Faywood a few times and it never fails to provide a relaxing experience.  There are a few full-hookup sites.  We like to come here in the winter months to soak and warm up a bit from the cold of Los Alamos.  This year we went twice and both times we lucked out and avoided a cold snow storm back home.  We have an electric blanket in the van that keeps us super toasty on cold winter nights. Faywood is near City of Rocks State Park. We have ridden our bikes and walked to and around the park.

In the morning, after a final soak, we headed for Silver City.  Silver City is a fun town with a neat historic district that provides a pleasant walk.

Our first stop was to the Adobe Springs Cafe where we had an amazing breakfast, one of our top ten breakfasts ever!  The food was just fantastic!

 Karen had the design-your-own omelette.

I had the huevos rancheros with hashbrowns inside.

Wow! is all I can say. It was all super tasty and we had enough to pack a to-go box for breakfast the next morning.  The service was super friendly and attentive.  If you are going through SC at breakfast time, don't miss Adobe Springs!

Next we parked in the historic downtown district and ducked into a couple of thrift shops, buying a couple of very cheap items of clothing and fun/useful stuff.

Another stop not to be missed in Silver City is the Alotta Gelato Italian Ice Cream shop.

Mint/Banana - Oh Ya!
Silver City is a fun town, partially because it is a college town, with Western New Mexico University just up the hill from the historic downtown. I've found that college towns are usually pretty interesting. There's lots of culture, art and good food in college towns, typically.

The downside of college towns: there is usually a lot of riff-raff roaming about, but it wasn't too bad in SC.

I've tried to convince the Los Alamos city fathers that Los Alamos would make a great college town, but the leadership is pretty set on it's small town ways, such as everyone off the streets by 8.  (Los Alamos did just get a new cooperative beer brewing pub, so that is progress!)

Next post: Gila Hot Springs Ranch and Gila Cliff Dwelling National Monument.

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  1. Nice that you got a chance to get away. That is a lot of food. The photoshere takes a long time to download but could be my connection. I've had sporadic trouble.

  2. I love the hot springs idea. Your hot springs photos are helpful. Great Post!


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