Thursday, February 27, 2014

Humphrey Tales

I have been reading and enjoying many full-time blogs. Nina of Wheelingit fame recently told how they got started rv'ing and asked how her readers got started and what they travel in. So I thought I would share.

For 35 years we have been hiking, backpacking or camping at every opportunity and on most of our vacations.

Early camping trip to Yosemite (late 70's)

Our first tent

My two favorie hikes of all time are the Garden Wall in Glacier NP and Angel's Landing in Zion NP.

Angel's Landing hike in  Zion National Park
Angel's Landing hike in Zion National Park
Garden Wall hike in Glacier National Park. Source: Wikipedia

In 2011 we bought a new Nissan NV hightop van (think FedEx truck) and built a camper. We are on our third design, which is one of the joys of homemade. First, we had double decker bunk beds. Second we had a king size hanging bed. The third iteration is in the works.

Our "kitchen" is a used scientific tray shelf. Works great. Notice the bunk bed cots behind Greg.

Next we had a hanging bed that secured to the roof when in route
Here was the bed in sleep position

I consider our van to be luxuriously primitive. We have a really quiet generator, a microwave, a great 4-day meg size ice chest, a camp stove, super awesome folding hammock and a camper toilet. All the comforts of home on wheels. We added an electric blanket for winter camping (coldest camp out was 16 degrees). The rig allows us to boondock easily. We have a solar lantern, solar flashlights and chargers. Greg is going to build us a solar panel or two which will make it much easier until we can head on the road FT

Our solar arsenal so far. A big panel will be added soon.

Tall Texan Campground in Colorado. The red and white screened room is ours.

Camping on the beach at Flaming Gorge in Utah

Parking Lot Camping at Blue Mesa Reservoir in Colorado

Above Ouray in Colorado

I am happiest when on a trail or at a campsite.

Molas Lake

Almost to the top of Mt. Baldy (Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico)

Kendall Mountain - above Silverton, Colorado

Great campfire at Grover Hot Springs in California

Bryce National Park

Between Durango and Silverton, Colorado

Nothing more relaxing than a hammock with a lake view

Hiking and camping at Joshua Tree National Park

Our van's nickname is Humphrey named after a whale that made its way up the delta in the Bay Area. He was called Humphrey the wrong way whale, but we thought he just wanted a little adventure. My favorite quote and philosophy is 'not all who wander are lost." Here's to lots more wandering!

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