Thursday, January 30, 2014

Quartzsite Trial Run, White Sands, Alamogordo

Jan 18th we arrived at Quartzsite in the southwest side 14-day area. We found a nice spot and settled in for a short stay. The boondocking in our Nissan NV worked out just fine.

There were lots of RV all around us.  Our spot was at 33.6415382,-114.275098.  It was in the Dome Rock short term free camping BLM area. There are a few other free areas all around Quartzsite where you can stay free but we read other bloggers that said this was a good area that was a little less crazy and crowded.

We rode our bikes over to the big tent which was rather crazy.  Cars and people everywhere like a giant had disturbed an Ant hill which had it's opening coming out the big tent. 

We bought two expanding poles which Greg carried back on his bike. It was a blast walking around the short term camp area checking out the 5th wheelers and dreaming of our future full-time life.  It was nice to be warm in Arizona while our friends and family back in New Mexico where still in the chill zone.

At night campers where sending small candle powered hot air balloons up into the sky.  They were fun to watch as they slowly rose up and then finally died out.  Greg tried to hit them with his green laser.  Our neighbors were a large group and they had circled their RVs.  They projected a DVD movie projector against the white side of one of the Motor homes.

During a walk we saw a group with an outdoor big screen TV watching the big 49er playoff game.  We walked as close as we could without violating their space to see what the score was.

We really enjoyed our first real boondocking experience.

Free campsite at Quartzsite,AZ with our own tree!

We drove southeast back to our home state of New Mexico and the City of Rocks. Then we visited White Sands Nat'l Monument and the NM Museum of Space History in Alamogordo NM. The museum and IMAX movie of the Hubble Telescope were fascinating. We stayed at nearby Oliver Lee State Park with amazing views.

The views while driving is half the fun

White Sands National Monument

Space History Museum outside Alamogordo, New Mexico

Space History Museum outside Alamogordo, New Mexico

Hanging out at White Sands National Monument in NM


  1. We had plans to stop at Oliver Lee SP on our way back to Phx but have a commitment causing us to roll a little quicker. We really need to slow our travels down as we pass thru NM. I have a long list I wish to see in your home state. I loved our stay at City of Rocks even though it was only one night :-)
    Q is an "experience" isn't it?

    1. I have to turn on the feature to notify me when there is a comment. The northern part of NM especially is worth a leisurely tour. Great camping and hike. Q was fun and we definitely be back there again.


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