Thursday, July 16, 2015

Jemez Mountains - Forest Service Road 376 (South) Boondocking

[By Greg]  Last weekend we drove up to the Jemez mountains to check out campgrounds. We had a great time looking at Jemez Falls CG, Redondo CG, San Antonio CG (some electric/water hookups), Fenton Lake CG (some electric sites).  They all look great this year with all the rain in New Mexico.

We turned south (off hwy 126 about 4 miles west from  La Cueva) onto FS 376. There were hundreds of boondockers on the east side of the road for a long ways.

There was a trail motor bike rally of some sort going on and a lot of the RV campers were related to that.

It looks like an excellent place to boondock in the warm months.

Here is a coordinate of just one of the areas where we saw RVs, but they were all along the east side of the road: 35.866395, -106.695532.

We saw a few boondockers on the north side along FS 144 also, but not as many.

The wonderful San Antonio Hot Springs are along the north side of FS 376 [GPS: 35.939776, -106.643482].

I've heard you can take FS 144 and then climb/hike down a cliffyish area to FS 376 and then up to the hot springs in order to avoid the really bad road condition of FS 376.  (You need a high clearance 4x4 to get to the hot spring on FS 376.)  I plan to explore this possibility in the near future. (See future post.)

I had my Mom and Dad in the back with us and everyone started freaking out when the FS 144 started getting rough so I didn't get to explore as far as I wanted to determine if access to San Antonio Hot Springs is possible, as I had heard.  I will have to try again by myself.

Google Map Photos of San Antonio Hot Springs not correct - fix this.


  1. Great descriptions and directions. I think mom and I will head over into that area when we leave the Eagle Nest area. Thanks.

  2. Enjoy the Jemez! Very beautiful and peaceful. Let us know when you are in the area. Maybe we can drive by and meet you. - Karen

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