Saturday, January 31, 2015

Super Dreams

Road to Los Alamos in winter
As we have said many times, we are very lucky to live in Los Alamos. We have lived in snowy climates for almost twenty years, thus the countdown to our full-time, chasing the sun lifestyle.
But, there is beauty in fresh snowfall on a mountainside.

Like the rest of the Country, we are planning our yummy treats for Superbowl Sunday. We are taking dinner over to Greg's parents place and watching the game together.

When we are in the thick of work and winter and unable to get out in our camper - reading the fulltimer blogs helps sustain, entertain and inspire us. Thank you to all you bloggers out there reminding us of what is in our future!

We have seven inches in our backyard that has fallen
between late Thursday night and Saturday morning.

Greg discovered a new blog by a couple who have just a little longer than us until they retire. Check them out. 

344 weeks


  1. We have the same Lego. The snow is pretty..... to look at in photos haha. Stay warm!

  2. Ingrid - Santa gave it to us this year via his elf, my Aunt. Love it! We had two and a half days of snow. Now it is sunshine, blue skies and melting snow. Northern New Mexico at its best in winter. We did have a beautiful walk in the snow today pre Superbowl

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  4. Hi,

    Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading all your posts. I live in Antioch in the East Bay. I travel a lot to NM for work and have loved visiting Chaco, Bandelier and the other amazing places there. I have some property down by Magdalena near the old ghost town of Riley.

    Looking forward to following your travels to hit the road! I really like what you have done to your van. I am thinking of getting one but not sure about the high top.

    Take care,


  5. Tina - welcome to our blog. Small world! We went to Clayton Valley High School and lived in Concord in the 70's and early 80's. I still have a lot of family in the area.


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